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New Beginning

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New Beginning

I don’t know how you do it, but when I’m with you I’m fine
I just know that I want to stay with you at this time
I am determined to give you all and my heart

I didn’t love me again meets
I didn’t love me quietly whispers
I never dreamed that appears

Everything has changed and now I’m different

I don’t know how you do that, but when I’m with you I’m free
Just know that I’m with you want to sit under a tree
I know now, just with you I’m really me

I don’t want to meet someone else
With someone I don’t want to play games
Just let me go with you to each place

Everything has changed and now I’m glad

I don’t know how you do it, but you make me laugh
Just know that you want to spend the rest of my life
With you, finally I can feel the true love

I don’t know how you do it, but with you I’m alive
Just know that with you I see the future in your eyes
I believe in love and I don’t cry

Everything has changed and now I’m changed


I am & I was

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I am & I was

I forgot what I was
What was once lost
I was independent
I was determined
But suddenly

I’m scared
I’m lost
What do I do?
What I said

I forgot what was my path
How life flows fast
I was careless
I was fearless

I forgot how to live
What I wanted to be
Be amazing
Be mesmerizing
But now

I’m invisible
I’m lost
I’m not unforgettable
It was my past

I forget who I really am
Where I really went
I’ll be bold
I’ll be involved
For once

I’m confused
I’m shy
What should I do?
I wanna fly
I don’t wanna miss you
Wake up in the sky


Escape from disaster

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Escape from disaster

Catch me if I’m running away
Catch me when I fall to my knees
I’m embarrassed of days
When you’re walking away from me
Kisses and secret date
And no one must know about me

I’m tired of hiding
And even with you I’m alone
I’m ready to fighting
In your diary I’ll remain “unknown”
Future is full of truths and dying
I wanna back everything I know

I listen to another excuse
I really wasn’t in the mood
You’re unwilling to admit the truth
Just say I’m misunderstood
We’re rushing into the abyss
In your life I’m a stooge

Stop me when I’m on the run
Call me, please stay
Maybe you had a feeling that it’s done
Would be enough just right words to say
Destiny used the gun
For you, for us, I’ll pray

Saying goodbye isn’t easy for me
You were everything I had
I hope I can pick up on my knees
You gave me a piece of my land
I was happy, but I have to leave
Although it doesn’t make sense


Two-faced attitude

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Two-faced attitude

Let me whisper you my name
Don’t worry, we’ll play the game
Let me, I’ll show you my best plan

Take a breath we go down the hill
Your boring life I will fill
Breath again I will stay here
I still feel your fear

Let me whisper it again
Don’t be shy, your attitude is just pageant
Hold me, with my body you can play your brazen game

I’m hot, I’m screaming your name
Let me go to my denied way
Passionate love, desire, flame

Take a breath, I want you to touch me
My body is in flames, kiss me
Breath again, I’m so heat
I want you to feel on my skin

I whisper you my secret name
Accede to my naughty game
I wanna play with you again

Your scene is over
Our bodies burning fever
Do you feel it too?
Two-faced attitude


My hysterical mystery

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My hysterical mystery

For everyone I’m just mystery
In the blackest darkness I’m hysterical
Tonight you will be my history

Once I am gentle. Once I am mean
I’m faint, you seemed
I’m bad girl, it was just a dream

You forgot what can I be
I’m the one who leaves you
A long time you’re not what I need

I’m hiding, I’m running away
I will not tell
Looking for hideaway

I can’t be the same
I cannot breathe again
I don’t want to change
So here I am

Once I was gentle. Once I was mean
I’m shamed, you seems
I wanna be your girl, it wasn’t just a dream

You remember how I can be
I’m the one who doesn’t wanna leave you
A long time you’re what I need

For someone I wanted to be history
But in the blackest darkness I was hysterical
Yesterday I wanted to be your mystery

I’m hiding, I’m running away
I have to anything to say
Looking for hideaway

I can’t be the same
I cannot breathe again
I want to another chance
So here I am


Invisible secrets

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Invisible secrets

Hiding it looks so easy.
Why do not you see me?
I’m not invisible.
I’m standing right behind you.

Every day, I’m with you.
But you do not turn round.
Who will be found.
Sometimes I feel that I missed you.

I will not beg
I just wanted it back
For you, I’m lost forever
Last thing you said. I’ve never

Every night I’m with you
But you never hug me
I’m lost deep and deep
Sometimes I feel like you’re lost, too

Play Hide and Seek does not pay
Would you go the right way
When you find the strength
Mist behind me, I’ll not wait

Sometimes it’s hard
For this time I have to find the start
You once said, “I don’t see you
Eyes closed, be visible to you

Every day and every night
I’d had a fight
I was lost and you’re my light
It’s in my mind, the last beat of my heart


First last love

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First last love

It’s been many years
It’s a long time ago when I saw you last
You were my girl’s love, but it’s the past
My heart was struck with a spear

You appeared before me
What do I do with emotions?
My heart doing strange motions
Here I am. Hidden deep

But I waited too long
I do not expect that I understand
I was afraid
Now I have to be that strong

I had no idea what to expect
I know what I did wrong
Inside of me I can hear our song
I feel you,  I know that here you stand

And I know that you’ve had too scared
But now you’ve got other girls
In my soul I hear all the magic words
Our only chance is a long time dead

It’s a thousand days
Even though I still believe in love
I’ll look at the stars
I just cannot hear what you say
Both of us have different ways

In memory of my first love