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Invisible secrets

   Posted by: KristianaBrown   in Lonely words

Invisible secrets

Hiding it looks so easy.
Why do not you see me?
I’m not invisible.
I’m standing right behind you.

Every day, I’m with you.
But you do not turn round.
Who will be found.
Sometimes I feel that I missed you.

I will not beg
I just wanted it back
For you, I’m lost forever
Last thing you said. I’ve never

Every night I’m with you
But you never hug me
I’m lost deep and deep
Sometimes I feel like you’re lost, too

Play Hide and Seek does not pay
Would you go the right way
When you find the strength
Mist behind me, I’ll not wait

Sometimes it’s hard
For this time I have to find the start
You once said, “I don’t see you
Eyes closed, be visible to you

Every day and every night
I’d had a fight
I was lost and you’re my light
It’s in my mind, the last beat of my heart