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   Posted by: KristianaBrown   in Lonely words


Knocked me down and wanted, hoping that I’ll be there
I was just another in your list, but where?
Where did you find me?
You’re expecting that I’ll like the others
Little girl of fathers
And I gave you a chance again and again
But it always ended the same

Knocked me on my knees and begged, negotiated, so that I stayed
I am the one in your list, but why?
Why are you return?
You expected that I belong to you
I was alone, so you drew
And I got more and more chances
But in the mirror I see a foreign faces

Further dimming in your arms
And I want to be away
Escape to the stars

Knocked me down and dreaming, watching as I’m lying
And I was only item on the list, but why?
Why you wanted from me?
You wanted me to be like them
The secret mysterious land
I didn’t wanna give you hope again
Decided to play the game

Knocked me on my knees and prayed, wished that I stay
I’ll be next on your list, but where?
Where did you learn?
You’re hoping to outwit fate
And it’s never too late
But I miss the hope
The place where I belong

Another dawn in your arms
My soul is so far away
Flows to the stars