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Stone wall

   Posted by: KristianaBrown   in Lonely words

Stone wall

A stone wall between the heart
Each of us is missing a part
Search path and hope, you will discover
The mysterious, mist-shrouded lover

Open your arms, spread your wings
Someone love will bring
The floor is rocking with you
Everyone must pass through

Sometimes we build walls between us
You should just start to trust
Everybody burns, hope blow out
We’re right to doubt

Sometimes it’s easier not to fight
Delude yourself everything is alright
Then you find you’re alone
Around you lies the stones

Open your eyes, spread your wings
Dark nights bells ring
Heartbeat wakes to life
Is it over or rise?

A stone walls between souls
And each of us missing pole
Search the faith and you’ll discover the truth
Words aren’t covered in soot

Sometimes you have to open nearby
You’re still on whom to rely
Spread wings and see the sky
Without the wall open stony heart