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More than friends

   Posted by: KristianaBrown   in Lonely words

More than friends

We were little kids and you pulled me by the hand
We were together, but now on the other strand
It was like night with sweet dreams
Fantasy buried by the gleam

We were little kids and even then I knew
But how to cross the threshold, How to get through
One step and we’re closer, but how to proceed?
Before my feelings I wasn’t going to hide in the reeds

Perhaps you’re shy
You’re my prince, but why?
Next to you I want to lie
Never again, we’ll not lie

We’re not little kids, so you finally sit down
Stop dodging, spinning around
The only words I’d like to say
For us choose a common way

We’re not little kids and you still hold my hand
But my signs, you do not understand
I don’t say directly what I feel, but it shows
I tried but I cannot disclose

Perhaps you’re afraid
How to help us, what to say
Can we find our way
My feelings do an air raid

For someone who doesn’t take the first step