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Christmas time

   Posted by: KristianaBrown   in Ostatní

Hi everyone,

Christmas is coming and for some the most beautiful moments.  I really like to light candles, chains, and the smell of candy.  But sometimes they are even moments of sadness.  And maybe even know of my words.
But I am glad to visit here and hopefully makes you happy what you read here.

Love, Kristiana



Grow up

   Posted by: KristianaBrown   in Lonely words

Grow up

Back then it was all different
With every little thing I ran to you
I used to like a madman
And you always say “see you soon”

You were my rescue networks
But I decided to grow up
It was like a fireworks
And suddenly you’re not my back up

I grew up from children’s steps
Thy hands I am no longer held
But sometimes I want to whisper in the wind
That I am still small and sweet

Back then it was all easy
One up, one somewhere deep
Every trembling snowflakes beauty
With fairy tale I went to sleep

You were my haven of rest
But I had to grow up
A requirement put on my chest
With exposed back without a backup

I just grew out of my bed
You still do not keep an eye on me
I have to take life in my hands
Sometimes I have to take care of my sleep

Back then it was all clear
You took care of me and everything was fine
But I grew up and it was weird
It is for me I made a decisive line

You were like my old friend
But I decided to grow up
How am I supposed to say
Sometimes I need to be without back up
I have a crack, I grow up

Grow up