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Today wrapped in the darkness. My friend died in a car accident. She was an amazing person. She had a unique sense of humor, she was a cheerful and open . . . Kate, I will miss you so much.

I’m falling on my knees, calling your name, but you’re not here.

You are there, where angels holding your hands, wipe your tears.

You are angel on the night sky, now you have wings, you can fly.

This is my last words, this is my goodbye.


Literary wishes for 2012

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Hey guys, I’m so excited cause I joined the Goodreads web and Kath’s world of books. Kath on her blog preparing a list of books that she wants to read for the next year. So, I did same thing. She will be posted this list on 1.1.2012, but I know I’ll not to be able do this at time, so I’ll show you right now.

This is my list of 50 books that I want read next year

  1. TimeRiders … Alex Scarrow

  2. Numbers … Rachel Ward

  3. Darkly Dreaming Dexter … Jeff Lindsay

  4. Dexter in the Dark … Jeff Lindsay

  5. Double Dexter … Jeff Lindsay

  6. Edge … Jeffery Deaver

  7. The Twelfth Card … Jeffery Deaver

  8. The Devil’s Teardrop … Jeffery Deaver

  9. The Burning Wire … Jeffery Deaver

  10. Manhattan Is My Beat … Jeffery Deaver

  11. Death Of A Blue Movie Star … Jeffery Deaver

  12. Hard News … Jeffery Deaver

  13. Mistress of Justice … Jeffery Deaver

  14. The Copper Bracelet … Jeffery Deaver

  15. Watchlist: A Serial Thriller … Jeffery Deaver etc.

  16. Spider Bones … Kathy Reichs

  17. Virals … Kathy Reichs

  18. I’d Kill for You … Kathy Reichs etc.

  19. Suffer the Children … John Saul

  20. I’m Watching You … Karen Rose

  21. Have You Seen Her? … Karen Rose

  22. The Puppeteer … Marina Heib

  23. Be Careful What You Wish For … Alexandra Potter

  24. Deception Point … Dan Brown

  25. The Lost Symbol … Dan Brown

  26. Angels and Demons … Dan Brown

  27. Digital Fortress … Dan Brown

  28. The Shakespeare Curse … Jennifer Lee Carrell

  29. I Think I Love You … Allison Pears

  30. Mozart’s Last Aria … Matt Rees

  31. Plague War … Jeff Carlson

  32. Plague Year … Jeff Carlson

  33. Plague Zone … Jeff Carlson

  34. Unraveling … Elizabeth Norris

  35. Fracture … Megan Miranda

  36. Thriller 1. … James Patterson

  37. Thriller 11. … Clive Cussler

  38. Room … Emma Donoghue

  39. The Hypnotist … Lars Kepler

  40. The Last Child … John Hart

  41. A Million Suns … Beth Revis

  42. The Mediator Shadowland … Meg Cabot

  43. The Mediator Ninth Key … Meg Cabot

  44. The Mediator Reunion … Meg Cabot

  45. The Mediator Darkest Hour … Meg Cabot

  46. The Mediator Haunted … Meg Cabot

  47. The Mediator Twilight … Meg Cabot

  48. Sucks to Be Me … Kimberly Pauley

  49. Perfect Chemistry … Simone Elkeles

  50. Child 44 … Tom Rob Smith

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Christmas book hopping

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Christmas competition “Christmas book hopping” on several blogs :o)


good luck

xo Kristiana



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Hi everyone, so I have to take break, because I’ll move to new apartment I haven’t network yet. But I will keep my writing and afterward I’ll put them here.
So, I wish you good day, perfect summer and I hope we’ll see soon.

XOXO Kristiana Alex

btw I have new page on Facebook


Thank you ♥

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Hi, I just have to say THANK YOU. Cause I feel that my work means something for you. Thanks Tyler Ward’s fan club I met some people and now I can say I found some new friends. Especially girl named Vicky Bröckel. She is really awesome and she inspiring me all time to do my work better.
She live in other country than me, but no matter this I know that I found someone who has same dreams, same passion for music and writing. And even if she is younger than me I think she has good ideas about her life.
So I want to thank you Vicky, cause you’re a really awesome person and I really want to say this to you. Thank you for inspiration, passion for my lyrics and thank you for everything what you do for me.

♥ your Kristiana Alex


Prázdný titulek

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Hi guys, I would like to thank you for all the comments and praise. And sometimes I don’t have inspiration and I look badly words to express my feelings. So, be patient. I hope others coming soon :)