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Falling star and I’d make a wish
I know, maybe I’m foolish
So I’m looking for how to say it
Just doubts I should admit

But I’m not ready to lose
And I don’t want to listen your abuse
You see how I’m devastated
You destroy my life in that you’re educated
Just another strife

More and more storm
Stuck on you like a swarm
You give me a diamond ring
What do you think?

Falling star and I’ll not a wish
I know, anyway I was foolish
So I’m looking for how to say it
I’ll not let you cheat

I’m not ready to lose
Still I just listened to your abuse
You saw how I’m devastated
You destroy my life, that you expected
Just wasted drive

Say goodbye, I will not cry
For you or your game
I will not blame
For sorrow or pain
My life I mustn’t hesitate

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Not agree on several issues but the whole thing, so impressive. Successful year!

Leden 13th, 2011 at 13:31

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