Endless battle of words

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Endless battle of words

You talk to me about her
Neither you not think that it killing me
Whether you noticed I’m not sure

You talk to me about them
You don’t see how burning in me
The answers are the same

Still I believe that one day you look and see
Who I am and who I could be

I listen what you say
But you cannot see how I suffer
Seeking a way out, not stay

I listen to you talk about them
Neither you not think that it’s torture
I’m becoming a bit insane

Even so I still hope that one day you cross the street
That in your arms my heart stops bleed

You talk to me about this
You don’t see how I’m unhappy
I’m trying to get over it

You talk to me about us
You claim that I am snappy
I just find my way, but I’m out

Nevertheless, i believe that you’re wrong
That I get one, just gotta be strong

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Leden 21st, 2011 at 0:29

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