Escape from disaster

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Escape from disaster

Catch me if I’m running away
Catch me when I fall to my knees
I’m embarrassed of days
When you’re walking away from me
Kisses and secret date
And no one must know about me

I’m tired of hiding
And even with you I’m alone
I’m ready to fighting
In your diary I’ll remain “unknown”
Future is full of truths and dying
I wanna back everything I know

I listen to another excuse
I really wasn’t in the mood
You’re unwilling to admit the truth
Just say I’m misunderstood
We’re rushing into the abyss
In your life I’m a stooge

Stop me when I’m on the run
Call me, please stay
Maybe you had a feeling that it’s done
Would be enough just right words to say
Destiny used the gun
For you, for us, I’ll pray

Saying goodbye isn’t easy for me
You were everything I had
I hope I can pick up on my knees
You gave me a piece of my land
I was happy, but I have to leave
Although it doesn’t make sense

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