He is just mine

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He is just mine

It must be so hard?
Find just what will be only mine
Each finds the other and you’re fascinated
How long should I wait?
I’m just for you
But I seem confused

I want to scream “You’re mine
So hold me in your arms”

It must be so hard?
Find just what could be the start
Every obstacle is found and you’re away
How else can I say?
I want to be with you
So what you misunderstood?

I wanna scream “You’re star
Why are you so far”

It must be so hard?
Find just what will be my part
You know what you want and let not stop
How to get your heart?
I’m just for you
Without you sky isn’t blue

I want to scream “You’re my light
When I wander nights”

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