Scent of the World Around

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Scent of the World Around

I wanted you to be with me forever
Screaming into the night that you love her
Suddenly night came and I felt like I couldn’t live again
It’s not the same
And I was afraid

But I
Finally feel scent of the world around
I found what I was looking for
Exceed the differences
Throw away my sadness

Life will continue
Begins something new
I should say thank you
For what we had when I loved you

I thought that you mean whole world to me
That without you I will not ever breathe
Suddenly day came and I see I would live again
Will not be the same
But I’m not afraid

And I
Finally feel scent of the world around
I found what I was looking for
I see my open door
Throw away my sorrow

Life is preparing obstacles, we have to learned.  Sometimes it’s difficult to understand why it happened, but maybe later will understand. And I’m glad that I met this guy, because he gave me something what makes me stronger. So I have to say THANK YOU for everything what you did, told, what I thought we had …

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