Two-faced attitude

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Two-faced attitude

Let me whisper you my name
Don’t worry, we’ll play the game
Let me, I’ll show you my best plan

Take a breath we go down the hill
Your boring life I will fill
Breath again I will stay here
I still feel your fear

Let me whisper it again
Don’t be shy, your attitude is just pageant
Hold me, with my body you can play your brazen game

I’m hot, I’m screaming your name
Let me go to my denied way
Passionate love, desire, flame

Take a breath, I want you to touch me
My body is in flames, kiss me
Breath again, I’m so heat
I want you to feel on my skin

I whisper you my secret name
Accede to my naughty game
I wanna play with you again

Your scene is over
Our bodies burning fever
Do you feel it too?
Two-faced attitude

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It is remarkable, it is an amusing piece

Listopad 12th, 2010 at 11:57

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