Why I wanted more?

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Why I wanted more?

Another confession of my broken heart
I’m looking for pieces that I have, at least part
They are as cullets on the floor
I always wanted more

The forgotten island in which I drown
Do not know where to go and what to do now
Again, you shut the door
And I always wanted more

And your words are like a bullets in my chest
So you said this way is the best
That I am just confused by all
But I wanted, wanted more

In vain looking for the answer in your eyes
So I hope no one hears my unstoppable cry
Silent drowning untold grief
And I still can not believe

Desperate confession of my heart
Shout everything the obvious all around
I’m in love but you don’t know it
Why I can’t believe it

It’s just the beginning of my confession
I’m more than an empty train in station
How do I know what I’m looking for?
Why did I always want more?

The forgotten creek in which I lost
Hope that nothing costs
Hidden behind closed door
I’m ask why I wanted more

Your silence is worse than a bullet in the chest
But perhaps for us it’s the best
Just me sitting outside your door
’cause i still want more
I wanted you anymore

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What a lovely blog site. I’ll surely be back. Please hold writing!

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