You can’t see what I see

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You can’t see what I see

Every time it’s the same
Then, then is only blame
Who said those words first
And who makes these excuse

I know, you can’t see what I see
How could it be

I would take it back
But then, I see your back
Who has the power to return
And who will be just burned

Always it’s the same
Are you sure that you know my name
Who wants to end this night
Or who wants to fight

I know, you don’t want to see what I see
How could this be

I want to go back
But then I lose my breath
Who said get out of my life
And who started this strife

It’s always the same
I’ll be the one who blames
Who was the first liar
Or who lit the fire

I’m always the same
And then only blame
Who started the first fight
It’s me who stood on the wrong side

Suddenly I see what only you can see
Someday this could be

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